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Invited Courses

  • Robin Cooper - Modelling linguistic communication using types
  • Elizabeth Coppock - Semantics Bootcamp
  • Shalom Lappin - Deep Learning and the Nature of Linguistic Representation
  • Elin McCready - Social Meaning

5-day Courses and Workshops

  • Jakub Szymanik and Shane Steinert -Threlkeld Learnability of Quantifiers
  • Mark Steedman - Combinatory Categorial Grammar: An Introduction
  • Daniel Altshuler and Robert Truswell - Coordination: Syntax, semantics, discourse
  • Larry Moss - Natural Logic Meets Machine Learning
  • Benjamin Eva, Branden Fitelson and Ted Shear - Workshop: Belief Revision, Belief Update and Supposition
  • Adam Bjorndahl - Topology, Logic, and Epistemology
  • Tin Perkov - Introduction to modal logic and modal definability
  • Mathias Winther Madsen - Introduction to Information Theory: Applications to Cognitive Science
  • Michael Henry Tessler - Probabilistic language understanding: A practical introduction to the Rational Speech Act framework
  • Lotus Goldberg and Amber Stubbs - A Case Study in Corpus Construction for Theoretical Analysis and NLP Applications: The Syntactic Corpus of English VP Ellipsis
  • Charles Reiss and Alan Bale - Phono-logical Reasoning
  • Anton Benz and Nicole Gotzner - Scalar Implicature: Recent developments in theoretical and experimental approaches
  • Julian Hough and Arash Eshghi - Incremental Language Processing in Dialogue Systems
  • Jonathan Ginzburg and Andy Lücking - Dialogue across the lifespan
  • Simon Dobnik and John Kelleher - Language, Action and Perception

Monday, Tuesday Course

  • Python Bootcamp

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Course

  • Kyle Rawlins - Implementing semantic compositionality

Weekend Intensives

  • Friederike Moltmann - Natural Language Ontology
  • Tim Fernando - Predication via Finite-State Methods
  • Constantine Lignos - Exploring the Representation of Words as Vectors
  • Kyle Gorman - Finite state text processing
  • Livia Polanyi - Topic Shift in Conversation: A computational approach to relevance and coherence
  • Andras Kornai - Unifying formulaic, geometric, and algebraic theories of semantics.
  • Natasha Korotkova - The notional category of evidentiality

July 11-17

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